Mother’s Day

The sweeties who made me Mommy

This Mother’s Day was so sweet. My hubbs made me a delightful breakfast, my oldest made me delicious coffee, my soon-to-be middle girl humored me by watching (and enjoying) The Princess Bride. We ate lunch together on our porch and I’d say enjoyed the day to the fullest! I am ridiculously loved.

I saw a quote once that said motherhood is the most gangster hood you’ll ever experience, and if that’s not the truth haha. Motherhood is truly learning to die to self, and yet… becoming *you* even more through the refining.

Mothers are glorious; they are magical. They shine brightly, those who love and sacrifice and give so freely and passionately. I mean, mothers strive to include as many women as possible on this day! (I don’t see any dads posting about “fur dads” on Father’s Day haha.) Because true moms include, they care, and they worry about the hearts and arms that are empty on a day that’s painful for some.

Motherhood breaks forth in wonderous mystery. The ways are numerous, and not limited to DNA.  In my own life I’ve been mothered by so many amazing women, some placed in my life for just a season; women I’ve babysat for, women who took me in, spiritual moms, work moms, and most especially my husband’s mom. Women are just phenomenal, powerful gifts from God and I’m honored to be one.

I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how much sleep I’d lose, and I couldn’t possibly fathom the amount of joy I’d gain. Children really are treasures. They are worth it. These babies of mine are worth every stretching I have experienced, physically and mentally.

I thought I knew love before them, but my love for their father only grew deeper and my love for them appeared fierce and wild and incredible (and just grows more with each addition). Thank you Jesus for the presence of moms, and the “presents” that made us who we are.

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