On A Dark + Stormy Night

I’m laying in bed as I write this; it’s late Friday night and it’s storming outside. My favorite weather.

One of my favorite storms as a kid was when a hurricane was moving in. My mom was working overnight and I was alone in bed with a brand new book I was devouring. It was also raining in the story and it all felt very perfect and cozy. I still hold onto that book to this day for those memories of curling up during a storm.

I love storms.

2020 has been a bit of a storm, not the romantic kind. Honestly between quarantine shutdown and waiting for a baby I’ve been in a state of limbo for so long and it finally feels like I’m emerging.

Miss Magnolia is now six (6😱😭) weeks old. As I’ve said before, this has been my best postpartum. I attribute that to phenomenal midwifery care and taking recovery very seriously, going slow. Honestly though, everyone keeps asking how we’re all adjusting to life with three kids and it’s actually been very smooth and easy.

Magnolia came in like a puzzle piece – she fit right into her spot like we’ve been waiting for her to complete the scene all along. She is wonderful, peaceful, smiley, and smells like Heaven. I want to eat her cheeks and I regularly sniff her as she nurses or cuddles haha. Life has continued on, just with a very cute addition.

After a such a stressful time this year I’m really enjoying this. It’s truly delightful. Of course there’s trial and hard times. Adjusting to sleep deprivation and navigating sibling relationships and emotions, on top of normal life stuff… don’t take this as me painting a pretty and false picture of our life. There’s difficult moments (even days), but it really does all flow together smoothly for the most part.

I don’t feel six weeks postpartum at all (until I push myself too far ha). It feels like Magnolia has been here for months and I gave birth forever ago.

So here it’s Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, hallelujah! Daddy is “home.” Daddy has been home working since March but he’s a diligent worker and sticks in the office most of the day, so Saturdays are still special. We get to wake up together and make breakfast; Bree and Emery requested sprinkle pancakes for tomorrow and I can almost smell the coffee brewing.

Doesn’t that just sound lovely? I’m in such a good mood. Why am I writing this? Why am I blogging, does anyone even read blogs anymore?

I guess I share because I want people to be happy. I want people to be inspired. I write because there’s always so much going on in my ADHD head that maybe something I have in there will help someone else.

My “project” for this year has been to find joy in the little things again, find moments to delight in and enjoy every single day. Even if it’s been a crappy one there is always good to be found. I want to document that because I know that’s something a lot of us lack nowadays.

Why do I share the things that make me happy? Maybe it’ll inspire you to look for the little things in your day too. The world is grouchy enough as it is right now, social media playing it’s hand well to divide and make everyone judge and hate each other. We’re all unhappy enough. Why dwell on it anymore? Why get sucked in?

Rather, why not look for the good? Shift your focus and find the silver lining or the little moment you can delight in instead of letting your mind be consumed by the negative. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s good list, make your own!

You know something silly that delighted me yesterday? This tiny little ceramic something I found at Hobby Lobby, with a little hole in it. Literally had no idea what it was for, but it would be perfect to dip your finger in some coconut oil while changing a baby’s diaper haha. I got a good chuckle out of it.

Tonight I was overwhelmed walking around my home with everything in it that made me happy. The glow of my lamp, the stool in the bathroom for Emery to reach the sink, the craft supplies in the dining room. All the good things those images represent. What if we become good at noticing those things again? Delighting in things and living out of gratitude.

Man. It might just change the world. I know it changes me when I make the effort. Gratitude is the key that unlocks joy, I’m certain of it.

If you’re anything like me and tired of being bogged down by the world, jaded by the past and worn thinking about the future, come alongside. Let’s look for the beauty together. I don’t know about you but I want to be ridiculously happy again. Like my sweet girls, who bounce back after difficulty with innocent joy and pure outlooks on the world. I want to be a joy bucket 🧡

One response to “On A Dark + Stormy Night”

  1. I’m all in!! I have been filled and refilled, overflowing with peace and joy, even in THIS, this crazy year. I love reading your blog. Yours is the only blog I can read to the end, soul sister. Love you.


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