Renaissance and Revival

As I shared previously, the word the Lord gave me for 2023 was renaissance. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant.

I knew the context of the age of renaissance, but what did that mean for me? Thus, I began a search of the word which led me to the definitions rebirth and revival.

Those two words stuck in my spirit and I prayed into it, asking Jesus to make this my renaissance year then! However He meant it to be.

At first, I assumed it would be a revival of my faith and likely the book I have stalled writing, waiting for me on the back burner as motherhood, church, and a homeschool co-op has taken precedence.

Lo and behold, January arrived. I was thrilled for the New Year, my book club, and this personal renaissance that would obviously began immediately.

Our church began a fast for praying into the new year, and it began the day after Christmas. I felt convicted to join, and to fast sugar.

The beginning of January was HARD y’all. I was fasting sugar, and so tired, and in withdrawal, waiting for a renaissance to smack me in the face but instead…. everything felt heavy and difficult.

In the midst of my discomfort, I reached out to our small group leader and our pastor, who both encouraged me to continue walking in obedience of the fast, even though I wasn’t feeling anything.

This was exactly my struggle. The Lord asked me to fast but everyday I was either completely unmotivated to seek time with Him, OR was caught up in the whirlwind of parenting and homeschooling and had no time left to give to Him or myself.

Even so, I pushed through.

And now, entering March soon, I see that even though I couldn’t grasp it, something was happening in the spiritual realm and my obedience -despite hardship- did something.

Now, I am seeing Yahweh honor my obedience to what He asked as yes, renaissance is coming in full force.

Revival and Reformation

I want to document this here, not just for the words He has given me, but so I can see what things in hindsight I may not be noticing now.

By the end of January I began sensing a shift. I began hungering for God in new ways; sacrificing sleep to read the Word, losing my taste for consuming gross media that didn’t show me Him, and receiving dreams.

After watching a TikTok about reading through the Bible chronologically, rather than cover to cover, I realized I had never actually finished reading the Bible in its entirety.

I found a Chronological Bible In A Year plan on the YouVersion Bible app, invited a few friends, and dove in. And I feel like I am reading scripture for the first time!

Reading stories I thought I knew, coming alive in new ways and deeper understanding. Getting deeper context as I look at the Hebrew meanings. Reading things I swear I have never heard of.

As this is happening I have begun seeing revival everywhere. Personal revival in friends, in our small group, in churches, on college campuses, videos of third world countries hungry and worshipping.

Aslan Is On The Move

Over and over again I have heard that phrase from The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. Aslan is on the move. And things are stirring in the spiritual realm.

I have noticed as I wind down for the night I am excited to sleep, expectant for visitation from the Lord. And that may sound SO hokey to you. As I fall asleep at night I have been getting pictures, hearing scriptures, getting feelings and discerning thoughts.

All of these have been confirmed by people unknowing of what I’m experiencing, or exclaiming “no way me too” as I share the scriptures I’m being told to read.

Last week as our small group worshipped I entered a “picture.” I call them this because saying a “vision” sounds like a Victorian child entering hysteria at a circus before your pockets are emptied to hear a message from Great-Aunt Greta. At least to my mind haha.

In the image I saw a great battlefield, dark and scorched. Dark sky, low visibility, and burnt ground.

On the left I began to see men of the Church, both men specifically I knew and general men of the Church as a whole, gathering together and picking up shields.

As they picked up their shields, they created a shield wall, mighty and strong. They began marching forward.

Behind these men I saw the women, dancing in flowing garments, worshipping and praising the Holy One. As they followed behind the men they beckoned to the children to follow, showing them how to worship and praise in dance and song.

As this army of men, women, and children went on, vast fiery arrows began coming from the darkness. But no one looked to them. Both the men and the women did not look at the attack, oblivious as they marched forward behind shield and song.

It took might and great effort as the men pushed their shields against the invisible force of darkness, but as they did… slowly but surely, they gained ground.

As they pushed through and made headway, inch-by-inch, progress was made and beneath their feet the burned grass came alive again. Scorch gave way to vibrant green.

They did not look at the approaching threat of doom or the fiery arrows flying to destroy them. They were focused on the Lord and were untouched.

I believe there are several takeaways from this picture:

  • Men are being called to step up into their God-designed healthy masculinity and pick up their shields. The call is going out for mighty men of valor to stand up as spiritual warfare increases
  • Women, likewise need to step into God-designed femininity. This is not a stereotype of design or aesthetic, but becoming ezer kenegdo as we come alongside men in the spirit. Nurturing and warring as the Lord has built us to do. Walking in protection as we raise the next generation to take the banners.
  • I believe this specifically speaks to Gen Z, a majorly contended for generation, being prepared for true relationship with the Father. “Sold out for Jesus” ain’t got nothing on what this generation will look like as they leave the dead faith of the past generations before them.
  • They weren’t looking at the attack. Times are tumultuous right now, we all know. And I don’t believe we should be ignorant by any means! But fear is not from the Father. The enemy is on the prowl to steal, kill, and destroy… especially anything in regards to our faith. We cannot be consumed, shackled by, or seduced by fear. We cannot stare at the arrows. We need to be secure in our divine roles and giving our energy to worship of the Most High. We can fight back in spiritual warfare.

This leads me to what I believe the Lord has been unveiling to me; the forces have such foothold right now because a sleepy, inactive church has allowed it to. And imagine what may happen if we are awake, aware of the schemes, and coming against them as we stand up in spirit praying powerful prayers.


Seeing the holy, tender movement at Asbury brought me such joy. I had multiple friends go and bring home testimonies! And I am seeing a theme…

This is for Gen Z. They have a calling and anointing, and this is just the beginning.

This is a re-forming of Christianity. A reformation and rebuilding.

This has been confirmed through multiple friends and our speaker at church today!

His message was on Re-Learning and Re-Living the gospel. As I got to share with him what I am experiencing in the spirit, he poignantly told me (paraphrase) “if we focus on only our limited view of what revival is, we will miss what He is doing.”

A reformation akin to Martin Luther.

The third Great Awakening.

We have misread and misunderstood SO MUCH scripture. As I am seeing things anew right now I am blown away with what we need to relearn.

Unity for the Bride must come, and this is just the beginning.

This is all I feel released to share for now, in this post. Stay tuned as I prayerfully write about my renaissance in the Word, in my faith, in my home, and in my writing.


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