What’s the gist?

Who am I? Wife, homeschooling mom, stereotypically coffee-obsessed and passionate about Jesus. I love tacos and fantasy adventure novels. Pretty nominal sounding about me, easy peasy.

Let’s break that down…

I have been married to my childhood sweetheart, Justin, for 10 years. He is my first and only kiss and we make a beautiful home together in the best little big city!

We have three beautiful girls together, and I homeschool our oldest two (the baby is still a wee babe).

Together in our little craftsman bungalow we have 1 dog (Billie Jean) and 2 cats (Watson and Jasper). We enjoy Harry Potter, The Chosen, grilling out and playing Clue together.

When I say coffee obsessed, let me tell you… I can brew coffee at least 5 different ways, I’ve worked as a barista twice, and served on my church’s coffee team brewing coffee for our entire congregation. Coffee is my longest standing best friend right after Jesus haha.

Speaking of Jesus.

I “grew up” in church but, like everyone must, came to know Jesus in a very personal way. In childhood I was IFB (independent, fundamental Baptist), and in my teens I fell away from the church. This is a loaded topic that’s probably a little too deep for an about me page, so we can talk about that over coffee sometime.

After a very dark season, I encountered Jesus. He saved me from suicide three times and rescued me from abuse and neglect. I fell in love with a real Savior who healed the scars I gave myself; He took my marks and gave me hope in its place.

Jesus is my everything. And Jesus wants me to write. I have served in the Church in a variety of ways over the years but He’s calling me to write to women.


Because in the garden something happened. God’s design for man, woman, marriage… everything began to crumble.

Along the way, we were deceived. Truth was lost.

Our worth has been watered down, our callings minimized.

There have been movements and doctrines that have twisted Scripture and used it out of context to keep women in bondage, to abuse them, and to keep them from their Kingdom destinies.

The enemy is on the move ladies. And he wants nothing more that to keep our true identity in Christ a mystery.

My heart for true Biblical womanhood comes from a place that has seen both ends of the vast spectrum. I have known angry, hurt, men-hating feminists. I have known woman abused by the term “submit” with no say in their families or finances.

Both are wrong.

God designed male and female to work together. He made us ezer kenegdo, and its meaning is much more than simply “helpmeet.”

So what is God’s heart for women? What is our purpose?

No more can the enemy rob us of our true identities, our purpose, our design. It’s time to move! We have kingdom work to do.

Jesus loves women fiercely, and I want to dive into the scripture and learn the truth He has for us, because we all have a role. We need to work together, support our sisters in Christ in their callings, and set our eyes on the bigger picture.

Hammer and Bee is here to help us all discover the truth in the word, learn about the women all over Scripture, and our role in the Kingdom. Whether you’re a housewife, lawyer, or dog-walker, you have a purpose for His glory – and they don’t fit in a one-size-fits-all box.

“Aslan: You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.”

-C.S. Lewis
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