Why Hammer & Bee

Hammer & Bee

Biblical womanhood in context.

The name Hammer & Bee came to me while reading about Deborah.

Deborah was a leader of Israel, and her story has always been a favorite of mine.

Her name has been translated a few different ways. Her name in Hebrew means bee, which reminded me of the verse in Proverbs, “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

This stuck out to me because Deborah may also come from the Hebrew word dabar which means “to speak, declare, converse, command, promise, warn, threaten, or sing.”

Enter Jael. Jael was the woman who killed Sisera, the enemy Deborah and Barak were pursuing. If this situation were happening in our current culture, she’d likely be seen as “just” a housewife.

Yet, this “tent-dwelling” wife was the woman who successfully killed Israel’s enemy, by raising the hammer she used to set up her tent and impaling him with a tent peg.

Hammer and Bee represents the broad spectrum I believe the Lord has for women. On one hand we see the housewife who makes the home and raises the children, who also happened to take down a mighty enemy.

On the other hand we see a prophetess and political leader who lead her people to a season of peace after years of turmoil.

Both women were created with unique callings, but equal worth.

Hammer and Bee is meant to represent the diversity of biblical womanhood. “Helpmeet” is a word that has been manipulated, twisted, and even abused for far too long. Our title is “ezer kenegdo,” and that will look different for every woman. Some women will be amazing mothers, some women will never marry, some women will lead incredible careers. All are ezer.

Whether we are hammers or bees, homemakers or surgeons… all women deserve the support to find their calling. All women should know their true, God designed, Christ-given identities. All women should be encouraged and equipped to run their race well.

This is why I created Hammer & Bee.

To understand our scripture in context so we know who we are. To understand our divine design and the inheritance that was won for us on the Cross. To cheer you on as you discover what the Lord has for your life that will bring Him glory, and bring heaven to earth.

It is time to take up our cross, pick up our sword, and walk in truth. Let’s go together.

Read more about me and my heart for this space here. So excited for you to come along!

“Dearest Daughter. I knew you would not be long in coming to me. Joy shall be yours.”

– C.S. Lewis
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